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Friday, May 29, 2009

New Six Packs

Dogfish Head - 60 Minute I.P.A - 12oz Six Packs
American I.P.A - 6%
Delaware, U.S
Commercial Description:
Our flagship beer. A session India Pale Ale brewed with Warrior, Amarillo & 'Mystery Hop X.' A powerful East Coast I.P.A. with a lot of citrusy hop character. THE session beer for beer geeks like us! 6% abv 60 ibu Tasting Notes: Citrus, cedar, pine & candied-orange flavors, floral. Food Pairing recommendations: Spicy foods, pesto, grilled salmon, soy-based dishes, pizza. Glassware recommendation: Pint Wine comparable: Busty Chardonnay In case you care... the average 12 oz. serving has 209 calories.

Victory Brewing Company - 12oz Six Packs
Double I.P.A - 8.5%
Pennsylvania, U.S
Commercial Description:
Horace ‘Hop’ Wallop headed West a broken man. For it was a certain Miss LuLubelle Lager that had left him, thirsting for more. Drawn by wild tales of the riches of the gold mines, Hop pressed on westward. His last nickel spent on a prospecting pan, Hop's hunger and thirst got the best of him. Two fistfuls o' barley and three of some wild and wayward hops tossed in the pan with some clear water was to be his meal. But sleep overcame him and he woke to a bubbling, cacophonous concoction. Overjoyed with the beautiful ale that he had made, Hop realized the secret of the 'green gold' he had discovered in those fresh hops. Celebrated far and wide, Hop Wallop lives on in this vivid ale with his words, "hoppiness is happiness." As our annual homage to the fresh hop harvest, Hop Wallop is a fragrant experience that delights the tastebuds. Pure gold of color, this ale offers its heady bounty of hops to the adventurous of taste. Bold, bracing and surprisingly refreshing for a strong (8.5% a.b.v.) ale, Hop Wallop lives up to its name and legacy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Beers

Widmer - 84/09 Double Alt 25th Anniversary - 22oz
Altbier - 9.80%
Oregon, U.S
A great way to celebrate 25 years of business. Poured a dark brown color with a nice two finger head. Lovely aromas of malt and nutty sweetness. Lots of malts and nuts in the flavors. Even some dried fruit. Nice creamy mouthfeel. Goes down nice and smooth. Very well balanced with such a high percentage of alcohol. Kudos to Widmer. Will be cellaring a few of these.
4 stars out of 5.

Sierra Nevada - Southern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop Ale - 22oz
American Pale Ale - 6.70%
California, U.S

North Coast - Ruedrich's Red Seal - 12oz six packs
American Amber/Red Ale - 5.50%
California, U.S

Ballast Point - Dorado - 22oz
Double I.P.A - 9.60%
San Diego, U.S
Just received a few cases. Had this side by side with a east coast Double I.P.A. The Dorado blew the competition out of the water. A great example of what a Double I.P.A should taste like.
4 and a half stars out of 5.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Port Brewing - 3 Anniversary - 22oz
Imperial/Double I.P.A - 10%
San Marcos, U.S
Big Hop bomb. Poured a light orange color with minimal head. Strong alcohol aroma with some citrus underneath. Loads of citrus in the flavor. Pineapple and grapefruit come to mind. Love the mouthfeel. Has a nice creamy feel. The finish is nice and hot. Got some piney hops also. A little too hot at this point for me. I'm going to stash a case and let the alcohol subside a bit. I'll give it a 3.75 out of 5. Recommended

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pizza Port Third Anniversary Party

Wild scene at the Anniversary Party on Saturday. Cuvee De Tomme was very good along with Bourbon Barrel Angels Share, but my favorite was the Phunky Duck pictured above.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grand Teton Brewery - Lost Continent - 12oz singles
Double I.P.A - 8%
Idaho, U.S
Just got this in. Will be enjoying this sometime this weekend. Notes to follow.

Grand Teton Brewery - Reinheitsgebot Cellar Reserve Double Vision - 1 quart
Dopplebock - 8%
Idaho, U.S
Might need help with this. Looks intimidating.

Full Sail - Imperial Porter (Brewmaster Reserve 2009) - 22oz
Imperial Porter - 8%
Hood River, Oregon, U.S

Samuel Adams - Long Shot - 12oz Six Pack
Massachusetts, U.S
Ok, we all want the Double I.P.A. I know. I'll be the test rat and see whats going on with the other two.

Deschutes Brewery - Mirror Mirror - 22oz
American Barleywine - 11%
Oregon, U.S
Commercial Description:
Mirror Mirror, the flavorful brew that officially kicked off our Reserve Series back in 2006, is returning to store shelves due to popular demand by both our brewers and our fans. Mirror Mirror is an inspired version of the brewery’s flagship, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, which has been doubled up to barley wine strength – yielding a rich malt base with hints of raisin and oak tinged with the slightest citrus hop aroma.
Will edit with my own note at a later time.
Deschutes Brewery - Red Chair - 22oz
I.P.A - 6.5%
Oregon, U.S
One of the Bond Series. Very, Very mild I.P.A. Light reddish color. Easy drinking. I think I've been drinking too many San Diego I.P.A's lately. Descent I.P.A, but I'll take a Hop Henge or a Hop Trip over this one. Worth a sample though.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Brauerei Weihenstephan - 1809 - 500ml
Berliner Weissebier - 5%
My first Berliner. Hazy golden hue with a foamy head that subsides quickly. Has a tart aroma with some lemon zest and wheat. I knew I was going to like this one. Nice flavors of lemon, apple, and bread. Slight sourness. Light mouthfeel with a crisp, dry finish. Very drinkable and refreshing. Will be revisiting this one on a temperate San Diego afternoon.

Cascade - Kriek Ale - 750ml
Sour Ale - 6.60%
Oregon, U.S
Mahogany color topped with a nice tan head. Sweet, sour cheery notes off the nose. Getting some oak also. Nice flavor of tart cherries, yeast and oak on the finish. Not the best Kriek, but a good example for this side of the pond. I'm laying one down for future inspection.
Only three left as of 5/3/09. Hope to get another order this week.

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